Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

The eyebrow is the “power feature” of the face and a well-designed brow has the potential to create a youthful lift. With permanent eyebrows you will never again have to spend time figuring out placement or matching up your arches!

As we age, there are numerous reasons that eyebrows start to disappear. The arch of the brows tends to thin out first and this is the part that gives lift to our cheekbones. Regardless of the reason for brow hair loss, eyebrows can be revived to a perfect shape and color.

With permanent cosmetics, subtle beautiful eyebrows can be created using advanced techniques. Eyebrows can be enhanced by shaping, arching, lengthening, and thickening for a natural look. We use a “Hair Stroke Method ” that mimics the appearance of natural hair in the brow. Combined with your perfect eyebrow shade and color, this method adds style and definition to sparse or barely visible brows.

With permanent eyebrows you will never again have to reapply brow liner in the morning or throughout the day.

Traditional Permanent Makeup Eyebrows vs Microstoking( aka Microblading) Eyebrows

What a lot of technicians are not telling you is the difference and the kind of commitment you must make. Here are some pros and cons of both procedures that you should know.

Some pros and cons of each:

Microblading Brows

Pros Looks like real hairstrokes, Instant Satisfaction (no Downtime)

Cons – Only last a year, Will not show up on darker skin tones

Traditional Permanent Brows

Pros – Last more then 1 year (the lighter the color the more maintenience the darker the less) Our clients usually come back every 3 to 10 years, Nice shadowed look behind hair looks great on any skin tone

Cons – Dark Eyebrows no matter what color for at least a week after treatment

Micro-stroking is the newest procedure in eyebrow micro-pigmentation. This treatment provides the most natural and realistic look, as the process simulates real hair strokes. This treatment offers the client the most natural look with minimal touch-ups annually to maintain color. May not be the best treatment on darker skin tones.

Both traditional and microstroking can be used for optimal results and can be discussed during the initial consultation. Our technicians are educated and trained on the various steps and processes to guarantee you satisfaction and natural appearance. We schedule a minimum of 2 hours and with complete attention to detail, we start by drawing and shaping the eyebrow area with removable cosmetic pencil. This is one of the most important steps as we work direct with you to outline the best customized shape to your liking. You will know exactly the shape and color decided before we start the procedure, no surprises.

Either choice made, you will love waking up each day with natural beautiful looking eyebrows that require no maintenance. Your eyebrows will look perfect during any climate and save you time during your morning routine.

Micro Stroking

Micro-stoking is the newest technique that offers clients a natural realistic look that looks like real hair. Each stroke is placed using a very intricate design [process based on the clients natural hair growth and what will look best for each person. This procedure can last up to a year and sometimes longer based on the color used. The darker the color the longer life you will get out of it.

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