Collagen Rejuvenation

What Is It “Really”?

Needling is a healthy alternative to resurfacing without thinning or creating damage to the skin and it actually thickens the skin. The skin is composed of two layers:

  • The outer epidermis which serves a vital protective role insulating our body from the outside world.
  • The deeper dermis which makes up more than 95% of the thickness of the living skin

Skin Needling is also known as Facial Mesotherapy or Collagen Induction Therapy. New names for the procedure seem to come up every day. It has similar results to Lasers, Chemical Peels and Dermabrasion (not micro-dermabraision) but is far less invasive, which translates to a far lower risk of complications and quick recovery time. Improvement in the appearance of laxity (sagging), wrinkles, crepe like skin, scars and lines can be achieved through one or more treatments of Skin Needling. There are no detailed statistics, but some technicians who have been doing this procedure have seen that the skin can improve 40% to 60% in just one treatment, & needling can be done on different parts of your body, including (but not limited to) hands and eyelids.

Dermabrasion utilizes a rapidly spinning, abrasive disc, which sands off the outer layer of the skin. Chemical peel burns away the epidermis to create a dermal injury, while laser does the same thing, but in a more sophisticated manner. Unfortunately these traditional resurfacing techniques all have to remove the outer layer of the skin-the epidermis. All three methods thin the skin – a change that also occurs with aging. As a consequence of removal of the epidermis, these resurfacing techniques can take a long time to heal. Excess skin removal can result in prolonged redness and pigment problems can also occur.

How Is It Done?

The procedure is performed with a coil tattoo machine and completed in less than an hour. First, a topical anesthetic is applied to your skin and then the machine is used to penetrate the skin in a quick, painless manner. Your body perceives this as an injury to your skin. This perceived injury induces the release of collagen and elastin fibers, a part of your body’s natural healing process. Skin needling creates dermal irritation without the removal of the healthy epidermis. Your body has the amazing ability to renew skin; by creating this “perceived injury”, your body does what it does best – it makes brand new healthy, younger looking skin.

The Results!

For the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, reduced laxity and more even tone skin. You will have thicker healthier skin. The most dramatic results are produced from the first treatment. Follow-up procedures do result in additional improvements and help the skin to create a habit of growing healthier skin. Immediately after the treatment you will have redness, and it actually feels like a slight sunburn. This will last a day or two, and can be covered up with mineral makeup. Follow-up treatments can be done after 30 days. However, the results after 30 days are not a real indication of the end results. You will continue to have new increased results for up to a year.

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