Erica started Permanent Cosmetic Effects in 2002 with her mother Gloria Vicens. Erica is a Advanced Certified Intra-dermal Cosmetic Technician and Make-up Artist with years of experience in micro-pigmentation (permanent cosmetics). She uses state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated equipment to create amazingly natural eyebrows, eyeliner, lip reshaping and color, areola complex tattooing, and eyelash extensions for her clients. Erica is a specialist in Permanent Cosmetics and has had extensive personal training by some of the world’s permanent cosmetics industry pioneers, which have helped her achieve her artistic excellence.

Education & Experience

With her business growing, in 2006 Erica discovered a passion in teaching others. She started training to share her talents and experience with other technicians. She is a specialist in Permanent Cosmetics and has had extensive personal training by some of the world’s permanent cosmetics industry pioneers. This experience has helped enhance her ability to create amazingly natural eyebrows, perfect eyeliner, lip reshaping and color, areola complex tattooing, gorgeous eyelash extensions, and tattoo removal perfection for her clients. Erica meshes both her artistic talent with proven technique to help you achieve the intricate details and unique look that is specialized for you. Erica regularly attends workshops and training to keep up with the industry’s latest cutting-edge techniques and products. She loves to learn and teach her students at the same time, by keeping her clients up to date with the newest and lastest procedures and care. Erica has experience and understanding in color theory and how it differs on various ethnicities in women.

First Flyer 2002


I’m very excited that you are taking the time to find out more about the world of permanent makeup and all the amazing results that it offers. First and foremost, WOW, what a great feeling to have perfect makeup everyday that looks completely natural. My love of permanent makeup began at a very young age when my mother and father came home from a trip to California. My mother asked my brothers and I if we noticed anything different on her and of course, we couldn’t guess. Permanent eyeliner!!! I was shocked and amazed all at the same time! My mother is a very pretty woman naturally, however, the eyeliner was done beautifully and enhanced her appearance so much. What really stunned me at the time was knowing she was going to have her permanent makeup on everyday. Nearly 20 years later her look remains gorgeous! As I grew up I looked forward to the day when I could have my own makeup applied permanently. The moment I became of age, that’s exactly what my mother and I did. We sought out a technician and I had the procedure done. I absolutely loved it and from there my journey began. I attended college to receive my bachelors degree in business, however, I longed for something more exciting. The opportunity presented itself when my friend told me about a local women who offered training in permanent makeup. I immediately said YES and knew this was the beginning of an exciting and wonderful adventure. I feel blessed with my professional talents and I want to share them with others. I have the ability to make a difference by providing positive changes to many lives!!

Erica M. Vicens


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