Let me Introduce myself…

Originally from Tennessee, I began my journey graduating from the University of TN with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. My appreciation for art was put to the test after graduation on a personal and professional level when hired as the art director for the local WATE –TV6 affiliate in Knoxville. However, even with my new degree and great job I felt I was still missing something in my life. After two years as the TV6 art director I left to follow my heart and began working in both the medical and dental fields for the next several years. I felt so complete in being able to help others even in the smallest of tasks.

After moving to Ohio, I had the wonderful opportunity to work at a major plastic surgery facility as a patient coordinator. Every day, I met and was so inspired by the patients who had endured so much; everything from non- healing wounds to trauma to cancer patients. I watched as these amazing teams of surgeons gave of themselves each and every day, many I consider lifelong friends. However, even after the life changing surgeries there were a number of patients with a variety of needs that still needed to be met. Depending on their personal stories some of the patients still endured ongoing lack of mobility and scarring from either their original injuries or the surgeries themselves. Breast cancer survivors shared disappointment with faded and unrealistic nipple and areola tattoos. Hearing these stories from such a variety of patients- it seemed as if there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing. Was there not a service, a therapy, any option at all that would help provide patients with better results and a sense of wholeness? Patients wanted more options for these lingering issues, options that did not include additional surgeries. After doing much research I decided to look into the permanent cosmetic industry and it was within the world of tattooing where I found those missing pieces to the puzzle…

…and what a world of wonderful opportunities! Here within permanent cosmetics/tattooing I found the keys to advanced techniques and tools that would help give patients a more complete look and a feeling of wholeness. Tattooing also provided me a way to combine both my talent within the fine art world and my passion to help those in need. For example, Microneedling (collagen induction) helps soften scars and allow for more mobility. Permanent cosmetics also offers scar camouflaging to help re pigment scars and naturally blend these same types of scars that have either endured severe trauma or smaller and simpler scars from a surgery. Breast cancer survivors can now look forward to realistic looking areolas, not the pink “stamper” looking tattoos offered at most clinics. 3D nipple tattooingprovides a more realistic and now, lasting and viable option because of better pigments and an advanced understanding of tattoo techniques. Permanent cosmetics is a growing industry with many options for those that may be looking for relief from discomfort or just wish for a more complete look and feel.


  • Lead tattoo artist to Erica Vicens at PCE Studios
  • Completed Advanced 3D nipple and Areola Tattooing and Scar Camouflaging Training
  • Certified Soft Tap (Hand Tapping) Technician

Permanent cosmetics also brought me to Erica Vicens who is a Master tattooist and permanent cosmetic trainer in the Columbus area. I am so thankful to not only have met and trained with Erica at her business (PCE Studios) but was later hired by Erica as her apprentice. I am currently Erica’s lead tattoo artist. Erica has shared with me firsthand knowledge on safely re pigmenting traumatized skin and how to properly match skin undertones. Erica offers in depth permanent cosmetic training seminars and because of my training with Erica, I have been inspired to learn and provide the best possible work within permanent cosmetics. Thank you Erica! I am very proud to represent and be a part of the PCE team. It is my goal to maintain that same high standard of work and professionalism that PCE Studios is known for within the permanent cosmetic industry. The love I have for cosmetic tattooing is grounded in the culmination of my degree in art and my willingness to help others, which offers my clients an exemplary tattoo experience.

The Permanent Cosmetics industry demands continuous education and training. With this in mind I was fortunate enough to attend one of the country’s most prestigious permanent makeup training clinics. The Beau Institute of Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics. I was proud to meet and personally train with the Beau Institutes founder, Rose Marie Beauchemin, one of the original permanent makeup industry’s pioneers. After completing my advanced certification “for Areola Re-pigmentation and Scar Camouflaging” at the Beau Institute, I went on to train and complete my SoftTap Certification. SoftTap or “hand tapping” is a wonderful alternative to the tattoo machine instead using hand tools to tap or very gently etch into the skin, depending on the desired results. I am now more than ever inspired and assured that the permanent cosmetic industry is where I need (and want) to be in the world. Tattooing combines both my passion and God given gifts allowing me the opportunity to share and make a difference in someone else’s life. In a very small way, tattooing allows me to “give back” and at the end of the day, nothing else makes me happier!

Being A Good Ambassador

It is my vision to give both women and men the best service possible using the best equipment and the best techniques possible. My goal is to properly communicate and offer the safest care and satisfaction of every one of my client’s personal tattoo needs. I hope to inform and educate my clients along the way while being a good ambassador of the permanent cosmetic industry.

I encourage those thinking about permanent tattooing to give me a call, or email me, and I will be glad to answer any questions about the services I offer. Also, when you do come to your consultation, come as you are, dress comfortably and be ready to smile!


Consultations are free!
I will be happy to discuss any of these processes and what is to be expected before and after the procedure. To
schedule your free consultation please call me,
I look forward to hearing from you!

Angie Hicks
Advanced 3D Areola and Scar Camouflage Artist

Non Laser Tattoo Removals

The nonlaser tattoo removal process is basically the same process as getting a tattoo, but without adding pigment. Instead of ink we use a salt and saline mixture that is filtered and manufactured specifically for these types of procedures. The salt mixture flushes and draws the microscopic pigment particles to the surface of the skin where a scab will form and will eventually exfoliate away. Depending on the location of the tattoo, clients should expect 3-5 procedures before they see the desired results. Although the process may take several sessions, it is much safer for the skin and a more cost effective alternative than most laser removal treatments being used today. Clients can expect the tattoo to get much lighter, almost completely fading away, but a full removal of the tattoo cannot be guaranteed. For those clients that are interested in having the area of skin re-tattooed it will be safe to do so after completely healing.

Why Should I Consider having my Eyebrows Tattooed?

PCE Studios wants the public to know that we can provide you with the visual structure or "lift" that eyebrows (and eyeliner) do naturally but with tattooing. Over time, thinning or over plucking eyebrows can leave the face washed out with the appearance of "sagging' skin. By tattooing a new set of permanent eyebrows I am able to give my clients a fresh and lifted look. Consultations are always free and include a color analysis and individual drawings (no templates!) that are unique to your skins undertone and face shape. However, sometimes clients have other reasons or challenges to consider eyebrows and eyeliner. I can help with those too! Your reason to have your eyebrows tattooed may instead deal with one (or multiple) reasons listed below:

Alopecia/hair loss

Vision loss

Unsteady hand

Tired of doing it all my life!

Don’t have time

Regardless of the reason, I work with my client’s natural features. The natural beauty is there already, I help restore that beauty. The client gives the approval and has the final say in both the color and new eyebrow shape before any tattooing begins.

How does Microneedling work?

MICRONEEDLING: Scars, Stretch Marks and Wrinkles, Oh My!

MicroNeedling takes advantage of using what the body naturally does best – healing itself. MicroNeedling is an all-natural treatment that rejuvenates the skin by causing a “wound/heal” process without permanently damaging the skin. Specifically designed needles are used during MicroNeedling which help break down old strands of collagen in scars and wrinkles by making microscopic punctures in the epidermal layer of the skin. By “wounding” the skin’s most outer layer (the epidermis), the body then begins the “healing” process by producing new collagen and melanin (color) filling the punctures naturally resulting in smoother skin. Blood flow increases and helps in recoloring scar tissue as well. All produced safely and naturally. This procedure is less evasive than laser procedures or chemical peels used to resurface the skin.

Will MicroNeedling Help With My…?

  • stretch marks from pregnancy/weight loss
  • Acne scars on my face and body
  • chicken pox scars/picked scab
  • wrinkles on the face/neck
  • shrink facial pores
  • Burn/scar tissue

The answer is, YES! Microneedling is an advanced skin resurfacing procedure which uses a tattoo machine to soften skin surface irregularities and smooth the skin. This is an excellent treatment option for wrinkles or scarring.

Microneedling is also a wonderful treatment option for clients with scarring due to burns or trauma. By breaking down damaged collagen strands, microneedling encourages and stimulates new collagen growth and flexibility. Over time, microneedling helps improve the appearance and feel of scar tissue. Depending on the patient’s individual needs, treatment can be performed on smaller areas of the body or on the entire face.

Scar Camouflaging: What is it?

Scar Camouflaging is another advanced treatment performed by a properly trained tattooist to help re pigment or blend scar tissue with pigment to match your natural complexion. Let me help you regain your confidence regarding skin discoloration or scarring. In just a few sessions I can help erase that feeling of insecurity when dealing with either hypo pigmented scars to areola re pigmentation. Scar camouflaging may be the answer you have been looking for. Together we decide on the perfect color that matches your natural complexion by completing a color analysis of your unique skin undertone. Consultations are always free, spent with you, one on one, discussing the “problem” area and deciding together what the best plan is for you. Clients’ can expect more than one tattooing session to complete the proper color layering effect depending on the location and severity of the scar on the body. My goal is to mask and camouflage your trouble spot so you can get on with your life and focus on more important things during your busy day. We love our community and support many professionals in the area. We welcome referrals! I offer post-surgery tattooing services for 3D nipple and areola complexes, scar camouflaging and microneedling for post-surgery or burn and trauma clients. I am certified with the state of Ohio and insured as well.

Services I Offer:

  • Areola Re-Pigmentation and 3D Nipple Tattooing
  • Non-Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Micro-Needling/Collagen Induction- (packages available)
  • Scar Camouflaging- Cleft Palette/Face-lift/Burn & Trauma Scars
  • SoftTap “hand tapping” procedures
  • Alopecia/Hair loss
  • Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner – both upper and lower
  • Simple (and beautiful) Beauty Marks

What is Areola Restoration & 3D Nipple & Areola Tattooing?

This advanced tattoo technique is also known as micropigmentation. Areola/nipple re pigmentation is used to create realistic, or 3D, looking nipples and areolas for breast reconstruction survivors after a mastectomy affecting both men and women. There are many instances in which patients choose tattoo re pigmentation for their nipple/areola complex. After breast reconstruction, some clients make the choice to have the nipple surgically created. With a trained tattoo artist, the surgically created nipple can be re pigmented or tattooed, as well as create a natural looking areola to compliment your skin undertone. However, it is not uncommon for these same surgically created nipples to flatten out over time, losing dimension and color. Again, areola tattoo re pigmentation is beneficial to complete the look of a natural nipple/areola complex. Most patients who choose tattoo areola restoration or nipple tattooing do so because they are not interested in additional surgeries. This leads to another great reason as to why clients choose to have their nipple/areola complex re pigmented, or tattooed. In this case, where there is not a nipple, then a 3 dimensional nipple can be created by a professionally trained tattoo artist to give reconstructed skin the “illusion” of protrusion.

Long ago artists used a technique called “Trompe l'oeil” which literally means to “deceive the eye”. Trompe l'oeil uses specialized painting techniques to create an optical illusion that depicts objects to appear 3 dimensional and realistic. Master artists used great skill in manipulating how the eye “sees” light and shadow with paint strokes and stippling. Today, the same principle is used by tattoo specialists by tattooing on a 2 dimensional surface (skin in this case) to create a natural, realistic looking, 3 dimensional areola and nipple using tattoo pigments. These tattoo techniques are delicate, specialized work and should only be attempted by tattoo artists with advanced training in Areola and 3D nipple re pigmentation. Still, some patients have chosen re pigmentation after breast procedures, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction, where the areolas are no longer symmetrical or have lost their natural color. While some clients are simply looking to have their natural areolas lightened or darkened as a preference. With this being said there are many patients who find having nipple/areola re pigmentation helps them return to a sense of normalcy to their body and sense of self.

It is Your Decision!

Regardless of your choice to have your nipple/areola complex , or not, the decision is yours. You are now in control of what you would like to do. For those that do choose tattooing, many consider this the final step in their breast reconstruction story. Tattoos can be a powerful and victorious return for women (and men) who have survived breast cancer. If you should choose tattooing as your option, there are many things to consider.

Things to Know & Things to Ask

For those that have never had a tattoo, let’s briefly discuss how pigment (color) is placed into the skin. Pigment is implanted into the skin between the epidermis and the dermis, using the same tattoo equipment for traditional body art tattoos. After the procedure new skin heals over the newly pigmented areola and a soft natural areola and nipple are created. I spend a lot of time listening to my clients, no matter if it is for eyeliner or areola re pigmentation. Together you and I will decide on the best color for your skin undertone. Location and size of your new nipple/areolas will be measured and discussed in great detail taking into account each client’s body and personal choices.

Know your Tattoo Artist.

It is no secret (or maybe it is!) that some tattooists in the permanent cosmetic industry have no previous training in tattooing healthy skin, much less “stressed” skin, or even an art background what so ever. Some are known as Techs, Medical Tattooists, or Para Medical Tattooist. Regardless of their title, know your tattoo artist. Working on live skin is imperative to understanding the body’s healing process and getting the best results when discussing tattooing. I understand and can speak to my clients about pigment retention and what can be expected with the healing process once the tattoo procedure has been completed. I am very proud of my art background and I want my clients to know they are in competent hands (literally!) when it comes to safe tattoo practices and pigment recommendations.

In today’s permanent cosmetic world, there is really no need for an auto clave or injections to pre numb clients. These are typically excuses for additional fees that are passed on to the client. Manufacturing of tubes and needles are now much more cost effective. Stronger numbing agents are more readily available in today’s market as well. I use only disposable, or single use needles and tubes for my clients. Pigments are another topic that should be discussed. The pigments I use are specially formulated for use on delicate skin and have been manufactured safely for the last 20 years. The machine I use is handmade per order and is considered one of the best in today’s permanent cosmetic industry. The NeoTat is a rotary machine, but with the power of a coil machine. My clients can expect the same quality work as traditional tattoo machines but with the added bonus of smoothness and quietness which allows my clients to relax and enjoy their tattoo experience. With this being said, know your tattoo artist. Areola complex tattooing is delicate work so invest time searching for the best work! It doesn’t matter if the tattooist has been tattooing for 5 or 15 years if the work looks subpar. Just because someone has been tattooing for a very long time, or charges a lot more than their competition, does not mean that their work is the best. Sadly, I have had clients who have come to me for corrections due to either poor work standards or just an overall poor tattoo experience. Bad work is bad work regardless! Look for a tattooist that is a lifelong student, always searching for new ways to give their clients the best results and someone who ultimately LOVES what they do.

What Can Be Expected At Your First Procedure

After your one on one consultation, you can expect to fill out a brief health form as well as consent forms. Pictures will be taken, pre and post procedure (no faces of course!), measurements, drawings and a color analysis will be completed, again all with your approval every step of the way. Today, tattooing is considered a noninvasive procedure however, if needed a topical anesthetic may be applied due to any discomfort during the tattooing procedure that may occur. However, with this being said, please do not come for your procedure pre numbed. This may alter and affect the design and how well the pigment is accepted into the body. Depending on the procedure requested, topical anesthetics are not really necessary. The procedure may take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the procedure requested. Immediately after the procedure is completed, the pigment will appear very bright and sharp in color. The color will soften after 7-10 days.

Aftercare instructions will be provided and any questions you have for me will be discussed in detail before you leave. I will be more than glad to give you my personal cell number as well. We will schedule a six week follow up appointment together for a “touchup.” Loss of some pigment can be expected during the healing process, but this appointment will be much shorter in time as it is just to add any additional details. The second session also assures that the color and shape of your new areola and nipple blend to your skin’s natural complexion.


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