A Busy Woman’s Struggle

Let’s face it. As women, we are busy! Many clients we see at PCE Studios are here for a very simple reason, they are tired of putting on the same makeup day in and day out.

We are busy moms and daughters. We are stay at home moms and professionals and anything else that we need to be in today's world.

That being said, many of us are united by one common worry. We would give anything just to know our eyebrows will not be "smeared" by lunch or our eyeliner is not running down our face by the end of the day. Not to mention gaining those precious extra 15 minutes back into our lives every morning.

We at PCE Studios want the public to know that we can give our clients the visual structure or "lift" that eyebrows (and eyeliner) do naturally but with tattooing. Our consultations are always free and include a color analysis and drawings that are unique to the client's skin undertone and face shape.

We work with a client's natural features. The natural beauty is there already, and we can help restore that beauty. We at PCE Studios hope to be good ambassadors within the permanent cosmetic industry by offering public awareness, good education and great service.

Angie Hicks