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PCE Studios provides a number of services that involve the micropigmentation of beautiful colors on the skin. We can enhance and create more natural eyebrows, perfect eyeliner, and lip reshaping with beautiful color and warm shades. Our technicians strive to give each client a satisfying new look in the most natural way.

We offer lash extensions which are beautiful, natural looking, and lightweight. Many of our clients are so thrilled with the look of their lash extensions, they return every few weeks for lash fills.

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Specializing in Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

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Specializing in Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

Color adjustment – Shape adjustment - Removal

If you or someone you know have experienced the unfortunate mistake of a bad procedure, we can help. Unfortunately permanent cosmetic is an industry that is not regulated in most of the United States. Unless a technician has a great understanding of color theory and skin, it is very common for mistakes to happen. Many women and men don’t get the required training and/or have the skills to perform permanent cosmetics. Which leaves us in a country full of permanent cosmetics gone bad! Thankfully permanent cosmetics can be corrected in almost every situation and if not improved. Sometimes the mistakes are not as horrible as one might think.

Many times with just a few minor corrections by either adding here or there to create balance and symmetry a correction can be done. At other times it is necessary for us to remove pigment(link to removal page) that might be in a bad place and then repigment with new shape. Color correction is usually needed as well, but not in every situation. Color corrections can make all the difference. What we would do is use a corrective pigment, and then neutralize the color, then put a more appealing shade to best fit your skin tone.

Upcoming Training Courses

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Permanent Cosmetic Training

5 Day Fundamental Course – 60 Hours – 6 Models


Eyelash Extension Course

1 or 2 Day Course – Models


Color Theory Course

Spend a day learning how to choose the best colors for your clients and feel more confident in your every day decisions


Pick My Brain

Spend a Day with our instructor and work on any area you feel you need to grow or refocus on


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